American Housing is now offering a financing program that is designed to meet the needs of buyers who want to build their Dream Home!

The “Close It, Build It” Loan provides builders and buyers the special financing options needed in today’s market. With one application, one set of fees, and one closing, construction of your home can begin.

American Housing builds affordable, quality new homes and also works with all Federal, State and local finance assistance programs in order to make homes obtainable for families wanting to achieve the “  American Dream” of home ownership. We are pleased to be able to make this program available.

The “Close It, Build It”  loan combines the lot loan, interim construction financing and a permanent  mortgage into one loan, and closes before actual construction begins.

  • Program requires as little as 3.5%  down payment, or if you already own your land, you can use the equity in your land as all, or part, of the down payment.
  • The cost saving package includes one closing and one set of fees, which is unlike a typical two time closing.
  • The Power of One program includes: 1 Lender, 1 Application, 1 Approval and 1 Closing.
  • There are no payments required during the interim construction phase.
  • Rates are protected with a Float Down. If rates go down, your payment could go down as well.
  • Minimum  credit score is 620.
  • Also, ask about a 2 year Deliquency Protection plan that is available.

So don’t wait. The time is right now! Call us at 727-546-6611 for more information on this program.

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